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Use Case

  • You are testing a web application and you'd like to see how it behaves using HTTPS
  • You don't want to use a self-signed certificate, or setup a private Certificate Authority
  • You don't want to route your (unencrypted) traffic through a third-party service

How it works

You can register a free domain under

Registration of a domain allows you to set the _acme-challenge TXT record for the domain. These records are used to issue TLS certificates using the ACME DNS-01 protocol. You should use an ACME client to set these records.

Unlike, has an A record set to and an AAAA record set to ::1. You are not able to change these records, or set any other record types.

Locking the domain to localhost is designed to make it easier to quickly fetch a domain name, issue a certificate, and begin using it locally for software development.