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Caddy is a modern web server with built-in automatic HTTPS support.

API Keys

If you haven't already, setup an API key for your subdomain in the console. Save your subdomain information and credentials to a JSON file like this:

  "username": "<yourApiKeyId>",
  "password": "<yourApiKeySecret>",
  "fulldomain": "<yourSubdomain>",
  "subdomain": "<yourSubdomain>",
  "server_url": "",
  "allowfrom": []

Protect this file as it contains a secret key.

Build Caddy

You'll need to customize your Caddy build to include the dns.providers.acmedns module.

  1. go install
  2. xcaddy build --with --with

Note: the second --with is a workaround for a known issue.

Set up a Caddyfile

As you begin, start with Let's Encrypt's staging environment as the ca. Let's Encrypt's production environment has rate limits, so it's best to avoid using it until you've tested in the staging environment.

If you're using split view DNS, set resolvers to an external DNS server (like Google's or the DNS server ( Otherwise, Caddy won't be able to see that the TXT records have been set and it won't proceed with certificate issuance. If you're not using split view DNS, you can skip that line.

<yourSubdomain> {
  tls {
    dns acmedns creds.json
  respond "Hello from Caddy"
sudo ./caddy run

Replace <yourSubdomain> with your subdomain name.

Now run: sudo ./caddy run to start your web server. Check the logs to confirm that Let's Encrypt staging was able to issue you a certificate. Load in your web browser; you should see a certificate warning message. This is expected as Let's Encrypt staging is not trusted by your browser. You'll need to connect from a web browser on the same machine, as will resolve to

Finally, remove or comment out (#) the ca line to switch the Let's Encrypt's production environment. Run sudo ./caddy run again to issue a certificate. Now when you connect to you should no longer see a certificate warning message.

Caddy will manage your HTTPS certificate for you, automatically renewing your certificates before they expires.

Check out the Caddy docs for more information about configuring and deploying Caddy.

You can see our integration test example here.

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