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Certify The Web

Certify The Web is certificate management and automation tool for IIS and Windows.

Issue a certificate

  1. Click New Certificate on the Identifiers tab, enter your domain, and click the add button.
  2. On the Authorization tab, select Challenge Type dns-01, select acme-dns as the DNS update method.
  3. Enter as the API Url
  4. Paste your JSON credentials file including your credentials. This allows you to skip the acme-dns registration step the app would normally attempt.
  5. Click Request Certificate to save your settings and perform a certificate order.
  6. If you have a compatible service like IIS configured on the same machine with matching http or https bindings for your hostname the certificate will be automatically applied. You can also use the Tasks tab to configure deployment tasks for copying/applying your certificate automatically.

These instructions apply to Certify The Web v6.0 onwards. Help is available at

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