Skip to content is an ACME client written in bash.

API Keys

If you haven't already, setup an API key for your subdomain in the console.

Issue a certificate

As you begin, start with Let's Encrypt's staging environment (--staging). Let's Encrypt's production environment has rate limits, so it's best to avoid using it until you've tested in the staging environment.

export ACMEDNS_USERNAME="yourApiKeyId"
export ACMEDNS_PASSWORD="yourApiKeySecret"
export ACMEDNS_SUBDOMAIN="yourSubdomain"
export ACMEDNS_FULLDOMAIN="" --issue \
        --dns dns_acmedns \
        -d ${ACMEDNS_FULLDOMAIN} \

If everything succeeded, you'll see that a certificate was issued. You can now run again without the --staging argument to use the Let's Encrypt production environment.

Check out the docs for more information about copying these certificates to your web server and automating certificate renewals.

You can see our integration test example here. integration